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Kids Orbit's In-School Recess program organizes your school's time and space, offering activities that kids love.


Our fully customizable program helps school administrators to provide a safer and more active recess period by providing staff, equipment, structure, and guidance.


Our supervisors and staff proudly assist the school administrators:

  • create a safe environment for active guided and free-play by coordinating a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and games for students;

  • address the social emotional and cognitive needs of children during recess by leading age appropriate, non-competitive activity programming;

  • teach children conflict resolution;

  • work with school administration and teachers to customize programs for each unique student population;

  • develop students' leadership skills by establishing mentoring roles across grade levels;

  • run workshops during the year to encourage family involvement in the recess program.

Interested in starting a recess program at your school?

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