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  • Is a medical form required and when are they due?
    Students registering for after school care must have a medical form on file prior to coming to Kids Orbit. Copies of forms submitted to a summer camp on a NYC Department of Health medical form are acceptable, provided they were completed based on an exam less than one year prior to the your child's first day at Kids Orbit. Copies of forms submitted to school for pre-K or kindergarten admissions are also acceptable.
  • Who are the counselors?
    Kids Orbit counselors are a diverse bunch indeed. Many are college students, some are graduate students, some are full-time staff. Others are their friends, your sitters, relatives, teachers, and neighbors. Many have worked with our affiliate, the Park Slope Day Camp, and were hand-picked to join the Kids Orbit staff. All have experience working with children and are chosen for their enthusiasm and creativity. Together they bring with them years of caring and experience. We take the responsibility of our staff quite seriously and conduct regular staff meetings, assessments, and training sessions.
  • I would like my child to start attending Kids Orbit mid-year; will they feel left out?
    Not at all. We have always offered very flexible registration and pride ourselves on how welcome newcomers feel.
  • What is the atmosphere at Kids Orbit?
    Kids Orbit is a well-organized, but very relaxed place. Your child can expect to be greeted with a warm welcome. The atmosphere is family like and not competitive. At Kids Orbit, we encourage friendship, scholarship, and sportsmanship above all.
  • Will I be able to change my child's entire year schedule?
    Our policies are designed to give families maximum flexibility while considering the needs of a small quality program. It is with that in mind that we offer a range of "entire year" registration options. These are our most attractively priced choices, but you agree to make payment for June in advance, and maintain the number of days you request for the entire year. Should you need to make a change, call us and we will help you make the most sensible decision.
  • Can I cancel my child’s Entire Year registration?
    Yes, but you will forfeit the June deposit. We offer flex packages and 10 week packages, which are meant for those for whom an entire year commitment is not a practical solution.


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