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Our Community Code of Conduct asks our staff and families to agree to take every possible safety precaution to minimize the risk of bringing COVID-19 to Kids Orbit. 

Staff, children, and adults dropping off children will be required to wear masks and will have their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer at the start of the day.  Parents and guardians will be asked to complete a daily digital screening form with a series of questions related to possible exposure to COVID-19 and/or symptoms of illness.  Kids Orbit will comply with all mandatory guidelines put forth by the New York State Department of Health, and will comply with recommended best practices whenever possible.

If there is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 at Kids Orbit, we will be in direct communication with both the NYS and NYC Departments of Health and follow their guidance for how to proceed. If someone presents with possible COVID-19 symptoms while in our care, they will be directed to a quarantine area where they will stay with a staff member while awaiting transport home. All facilities and or equipment that the individual was in contact with will be vacated, deep cleaned, and disinfected per CDC guidelines. 

Subject to change based on NYS guidelines.

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 Masks are simulated 

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