Create your own outdoor after school pod of 4 or 5 children who are within a 2 year age span.  To improve the social and recreational experience, your pod may be paired with another pod of similar ages during the afternoon.  


We will pick-up your pod from a single address of your choice, provided it is within a 15 minute walk of the after school location, or you can choose to drop-off.  Pod dismissal can be done from either the after school location or from a single address within a 15 minute walk.

Pods may register for any 1 - 5 days a week but all members must choose the same schedule.  If you are having trouble coordinating this with your friend group, please consider joining a pod organized by Kids Orbit.

Create-a-pods may designate an indoor location to meet in the event inclement weather forces us to cancel outdoor after school.  These locations must be arranged in advance with the Kids Orbit office.



 Photos taken pre-COVID